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Suicide bomber kills 21 in Egypt

Map of Egypt

Map of Egypt

At least 21 people were killed and 80 more were injured when a suicide bomber blew himself in a car outside a Christian church – Saints Church – in the northern city of Alexandria in Egypt today morning. This suicide sparked religious clashes between Christians and Muslims in the country and Egypt’s internal ministry believed that there are chances of foreign links in the blast.

Later in the day as the investigations by police reported that may be the suicide bomber was on foot and no vehicle was used for the bombing. Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in a televised address to the nation said that the bomber targeted both Christians and Muslims in the country and it was targeted to destabilize harmony between Christians and Muslims in the country. He said that both Christians and Muslims were hurt in the bomb blasts.

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Christians are a minority community in Egypt comprising 10% of the total population numbering around 80 million people. Pope responded to the incident by demanding protection for the Christians in Egypt and everywhere else in the world where they are in minority and requested world leaders to take proper against intolerance and abuses against Christians world over.

At the time of the blast at least 1000 people were present in the church for the mass and forensic reports believed that the bomber used metal in the bomb to cause the maximum damage and may be died with the crowd as the bomb exploded which was most probably tied to his body.

No one still has claimed the responsibility for the attacks but security experts in Egypt believes that an extremist group known as “al-Qaeda in Iraq” is most probably behind the attack as they issued a notice against the church in November last year. After this treat Egypt tightened security around the churches and car parking was banned in the premises of the churches around Egypt.

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    This is really tragic, this kind of bombing should be stopped at once.


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